1. Take handwritten notes

You’re more likely to remember something you’ve written down

2. Say it out loud

Hearing oneself repeat the information aids with memory retention

3. Stop multitasking

Trying to accomplish too much at once makes learning more difficult

4. Believe in Yourself

You have a better chance of succeeding if you believe you can learn anything.

5. Teach to Someone

Explaining something to someone helps you remember the important information.

6. Use mnemonic devices

To memorise complicated concepts, combine letters with gibberish phrases.

7. Try self-testing

Take a test to determine what topics you still need to review

8. Take a Short Break

Give yourself a 5-minute break every hour. It gives your brain some time to refocus.

9. Eat well and drink plenty of water

Eat healthy foods and get enough of water. Long-term, this will support your brain's optimal performance.

10. Get more sleep

Get a good night's sleep in between study sessions to help you recall the knowledge better.