Microsoft Word 

Microsoft is a great tool for word processing, so when we talk about Microsoft Word, it is called rich text format.Adding a lot of fonts with added images lets you format your text  in it

Microsoft Power Point 

The second is PowerPoint, which you have most likely heard of. PowerPoint can assist you in creating a Slack box

Microsoft Excel 

Microsoft Excel is a tool that allows you to create various spreadsheets, perform ananylisi, and do basic calculus, but the software has evolved over time and intensively.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook-Computer Knowledge manages your emails. Emails are a crucial component of communication and task management in the majority of businesses and organisations.

Typing Sills 

Typing is not any other skill on a computer, but it is the most important necessity. A keyboard is required for any form of input on a computer, and typing is the term used to describe input

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