How To Stop Overthinking

Get to know what triggers overthinking

The Human brain Produce thousands of thoughts every single day. Most of them just come and go but some of them grab our attention. we have to find those trigger thought.

Recognise what you can and can't control

Generally most of us overthinks on the thing which are not in our control. You need to understand you can't control everything so stop overthinking  on things you can't control

Train Your Attention

You will come across number of trigger thoughts every day now is upto you to give attention on them. You have to decide which thoughts worth your attention 

Keep the focus on problem solving

Most of us keep no thinking on problems and waste our time and energy. Instead we should think about solutions of problem.  

learn Mindfulness Skills

Mindfulness help us to be in present without worrying about past and future.  There are classes, books, apps, courses, and videos available to help you learn mindfulness skills. 

Change the Channel

You need to change the channel in your brain when thoughts start poping in you brain. You can change the channel by doing something you like to do.