Best Medical Writing Courses & Certifications in Mumbai 2023

I had heard about Content Writing, Creative Writing, but what is Medical Writing? Got stumped the first time I heard this term. Who is writing? And why? You too might be having these questions bothering you. So, let’s get our basics right before exploring the 7 best Medical Writing courses and certifications in Mumbai.

What is Medical Writing?

Medical Writing involves composing well-defined scientific documents, which include clinical research documents, content for healthcare Websites, healthcare magazines, medical newsletters, journals, etc.

This can be of two types: Regulatory Medical Writing or Educational Medical Writing. The former includes content developed for seeking approvals from regulatory agencies and authorities for medical devices, drugs, or biologics. The document set contains clinical trial results, patient investigation approval forms, and other regulatory documents. Educational Medical Writing, on the other hand, is created solely to generate awareness about medical devices, biologics, and medicine.

Is Medical Writing a promising career in Mumbai?

Medical Writing Courses in Mumbai, in general, is a lucrative career option, primarily because it is currently the fourth most outsourced clinical development activity. India proves to be a favorite destination for outsourcers because of its huge pool of science Graduates and medical professionals with strong communication skills. Considering this global picture, Mumbai, a growing medical tourism destination providing ex-pats with high healthcare standards, offers fertile land for medical writers to grow and flourish. In other words, if you are keen to pursue Medical Writing as a career in Mumbai, you are surely on the right track.

However, to reach the right destination and leverage Mumbai as your launching pad for a successful Medical Writing career, you must enrol yourself in a Medical Writing training course that not only trains you but also certifies you. Put simply, to help you gain the necessary knowledge and expertise in Medical Writing, let us examine the 7 best Medical Writing courses and certifications in Mumbai.

Will a Medical Writing certificate genuinely help me get a job in Mumbai?

Medical Writing is a niche skill requiring in-depth knowledge and expertise in consolidating medical information and transforming it into a form that can be easily grasped by people with no medical background. So, to groom yourself as a successful medical writer, the first step is to join a Medical Writing course. On successful completion of the course, you must also aim to earn a certificate to enhance your chances of getting spotted by recruiters.

Best Medical Writing Courses and Certifications in Mumbai

1. Henry Harvin

Established in 2013, this reputed institute has already positioned itself as a leader in the Ed-tech space, transforming the lives of 300K+ learners across 11 cities in the countries of India, the UK, the US, and the UAE. The primary contributor to its phenomenal success is its motivated team of 650+ consultants not only designing a curriculum tuned to the industry but also providing end-to-end support throughout the course.

In particular, the Medical Writing course from Henry Harvin aims to prepare you for a successful career by ensuring that at the end of the course you can:

  • Grow familiar with the various genres of Medical Writing
  • Distinguish Medical Writing from other forms of writing
  • Hone your writing skills as a medical writer
  • Appreciate the significance of respecting ethics in scientific communication
  • Effectively disseminate medical information with the non-medical community
  • Nurture the attributes required to be a successful freelancer
  • Learn the basic elements of medical terminology
  • Earn a Medical Writing certificate upon completion of the course

All this is possible by the judicious use of some tools such as:

  • 24-hour live interactive sessions
  • 52+ Master class sessions to develop your soft skills
  • 1-year Gold Membership to access the e-learning portal containing a rich repository of learning tools
  • Access to hackathons and competitions to evaluate your progress
  • Live projects to understand the real-industry demand
  • Internship assignments to gain hands-on experience

Overall, this Medical Writing course trains you on the art and science of powerfully communicating medical information with the broader public for raising their awareness of the latest medical devices, drugs, biologics, etc.

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2. Udemy

 Founded in May 2010 by Eren Bali in partnership with Gagan Biyani and Oktay Caglar, Udemy is an online learning platform already reaching out to 57 mn+ students across the globe. Offering a rich catalog of 213K+ courses delivered by 74K+ instructors in 75+ languages, Udemy is driven by the vision to transform lives by connecting people through knowledge.

Keeping in tune with its vision, the Medical Writing course is adeptly curated to help you:

  • Learn to write not only for medical websites but also for CE monographs and presentations
  • Develop writing skills to pitch to international clients in the medical field
  • Grow conversant with Medical terminology
  • Grasp the techniques of presenting medical information in a form easily understood by non-medicals
  • Gain a certificate on completion of the course

3. Symbiosis International

A family of reputed academic institutions including a University, colleges, and schools spread across 8 campuses in and around Pune, Symbiosis International is committed to fulfilling the vision of promoting international understanding through quality education. The extent of the devotion to its vision is proven by the fact that they are the only Indian university to receive the Asia Pacific Quality label.

Keeping the spirit alive, the Certificate in Medical Writing (CMW) training programme offered by Symbiosis School for Online and Digital Learning, aims to provide comprehensive insights on medical, regulatory, and scientific writing to students aspiring to build a career in Medical Writing.

4. Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India

The Faculty of Clinical Research (FCR), registered as a non-profit society under the aegis of the IGMPI, is an independent body and accreditation authority for providing educational and vocational courses under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

Realizing the growing demand for medical writers in India, FCR offers a bouquet of 3 Medical Writing programmes: Post Graduate Diploma, an Executive Diploma, and an Industry Certificate. The Post Graduate Diploma programme is designed for fresh Graduates from any field, even though it is noted that those from Technology or any Science field fare better than others. It spans one year including completion of the course and the examination. Apart from devising a curriculum aligned with the industry, the team of experienced trainers offers you end-to-end support through interactive online live sessions, assignments, and practical sessions to ready you for launching your Medical Writing career.

The Executive Programme has been specially designed to be completed over 6 months for working professionals aiming to sharpen their skills. Finally, the Certification programme helping you to become a certified Medical Writer is to be completed within 3 – 6 months.

5. Center for Clinical Research and Training Pvt. Ltd (CCRT, Mumbai)

Specializing in delivering custom-designed educational courses and professional training programs for the Pharmaceutical and Medical fields, CCRT has gained a reputation for providing high-quality training.

To be specific, the 8-day Medical Writing course spread over 2 months not only trains you on all aspects of Medical Writing but also gives you practical insight into the industry through a rich collection of practical assignments. Additionally, the course is delivered by 100% industry experts who provide you with real-time exposure to the industry and what it demands.

6. Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS)

Initiated in 2005, LIHS is a registered, non-profit organization devoted towards offering emergency healthcare in the country. To fulfill this noble objective they also offer training programmes masterfully designed and developed with affiliations from reputed multinational organizations such as AHA, AECP, TISS, etc.

To match their objective, the Certification course in Medical Writing from LIHS trains you on:

  • Scientific and medical writing
  • Medical writing tools
  • Regulatory Medical Writing
  • Safety Writing
  • Publication Writing
  • Medical bulletins and newsletters
  • Quality assurance in Medical Writing

7. Innovative Centre for Biosciences (ICBIO) Institute of Clinical Research

Initiated in 2006 under the aegis of the Mahatma Gandhi Education Trust (MGET), this Non-Government Organization has collaborated with Mysore University to position itself as the premier education and training provider in India. True to its mission, ICBIO offers internationally recognized training programs in the field of Clinical Research and Healthcare for students as well as corporates.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Writing uses high-quality and innovative approaches and methodologies backed by a dedicated team of trainers and state-of-the-art facilities. Additionally, students get an opportunity to be industry-ready by undergoing 3 months of on-the-job training or Internship assignments, attending workshops, seminars, soft-skill development programmes, and mock interviews. Successful students earn a certificate from the University of Mysore on completion of the course.


With India geared up to be a fast-growing healthcare destination attracting medical tourists from across the world, getting trained as a Medical Writer is just the right decision at the right time. To make the best use of the burgeoning demand for medical writers, however, you must select the best Medical writing course in Mumbai. The outline of the 7 best Medical Writing courses and certifications in Mumbai, am hopeful, will empower you to select the one best suited for you.

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